Halutie eager to build on 100m performance

Hor HaluiteHor is only 19 and is expected to improve in the coming years

Ghana’s Hor Halutie says she will not beat herself up over her performance in the women’s 100m finals at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast,Australia.

The 19 year old is currently Ghana’s biggest prospect as far as sprint events are concerned.

She came 8th in the final and clocked in at 11.54 seconds.

She acknowledged the depth in experience of her fellow competitors but vowed to work harder to enable her close the gap.

“As far as not winning the medal is concerned I am hurt but I have also put it behind me because this is my first ever competition.

The people I went up against have more experience than me ,some have been doing this for 12 years while I have been at it for only four.

I was in primary school when one of these people were competing so they will beat me out on technique.

I will keep working harder so I can pick up.

Halutie was the only Ghanaian to make it to the finals,despite the presence of some more experienced face within the team.

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