Publish Ghana-USA agreement in the dailies – MP challenges Government

President Akufo-Addo has come under attack over the defence cooperation agreement between Ghana & US

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem (KEEA) has challenged government to publish the military agreement between Ghana and the United States of America (USA).

According to the MP, this is the only way of convincing Ghanaians that the government has been working in the interest of Ghana and not a select few.

“I am challenging the government to publish the agreement in the newspapers if indeed it believes the agreement is in the interest of the country. They should do so in the national dailies so all Ghanaians can have the opportunity to read and see the loopholes…,” Samuel Atta Mills said.

The Government of Ghana has come under intense criticisms for agreeing to the pact which critics of the government have said amounts to the auctioning of the country’s sovereignty to the USA.

The critics continued that the USA will as part of the military agreement be establishing a military base in Ghana; an argument that has been refuted by them.

Pro-NDC pressure, Ghana First Patriotic Front (GFPF) led a group of Ghanaians mainly NDC supporters to demonstrate against the deal.

Government communicators have vehemently denied the claims of the NDC.

Commenting on this, the MP said he would be glad if the government make public the agreement for all to read.

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