Kennedy Agyepong warns Ursula Owusu, NCA Boss


General News of Tuesday, 3 April 2018



Ken Agyapong 34532Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central

Firebrand politician and New Patriotic Party(NPP) Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Ken Agyepong has admonished Acting Director-General of the National Communications Authority(NCA) Joe Anokye and Minister of Communications, Ursula Owusu Ekufful, to ensure interested NPP members have licenses to operate radio stations.

According to him, that will be an important move to ensuring that the good works of the government is propagated at all times.

Mr Agyepong who’s said to be a huge financier of the governing party recounted on Adom TV how his radio station was always sabotaged whenever the NDC is in power, adding that Oman FM’s frequency was deliberately jammed anytime there was hot news about the NPP.

He added that his station suffered huge financial loss as the NDC government ensured that several big companies his out fit did business with canceled the contract with them.

Ken Agyepong said the NPP government should make itself felt in the media and learn from its mistakes and ensure that it owns a portion of the media space to spread the government’s ‘good news.’

“Anokye of NCA is a very good friend, but our friendship will be strained if he doesn’t give members of the NPP licenses to operate their radio stations, and I will not to take any explanations from him for his actions. On a day that Ghana’s 61st anniversary celebration was on, Multimedia limited decided to organize a fufu party and their various platforms focused their attention on their own programme, while they gave the national event very little coverage. On 6th March all the good things President Akufo Addo said didn’t get millage on any of Multimedia’s platforms because they’d organized a fufu party. I have no problem with that, it is their station and they decide what to air.

“Anokye and Ursula, listen to me well! again on 6th March Joy FM rather gave publicity to an NDC press conference. If you sit and say Multimedia Limited was fair in 2016 elections, and so you’re comfortable (Anokye and Ursula) now that we’re in power and that you’re not going to give license to people to operate radio stations, you’ll see what will happen. These are the mistakes the NPP does which cost us dearly.”

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