Ghanaian barbers are stingy – Professional barber

Nana Karikari with Sarkodie

A German-based Ghanaian professional barber, Winfred Nana Karikari said Ghanaian barbers are stingy and they do not spend on their profession.

According to him, Ghanaian barbers often use one clipper for long time until it gets spoiled before they buy a new one.

Winfred Nana Karikari tells Adom News Reporter Kofi Nkansah that barbers abroad use different clippers for different purposes and it helps them to master how to use many clippers.

He is therefore advising his colleague barbers in Ghana to make sacrifices and invest in the profession for their own good.

The President of Barbers Association, Matthew Ola admits to the statement of the Nana Karikari saying that local barbers don’t invest because the job does not pay that much.

But some barbers say they disagree with Nana Karikari and Matthew Ola.

They say the numbers of clippers used depend on the location one operates in and how much customers in that area are willing to pay for a haircut.

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