Nitiwul cannot land a role in a serious security-themed movie – Samson Anyenini

General News of Saturday, 24 March 2018



Sampson Lardy AnyeniniSamson Lardi Anyenini, Legal practitioner

Legal practitioner and host of Multimedia’s current affairs show NewsFile Samson Lardi Anyenini has said Minister of Defense Dominic Nitiwul cannot land any role in a serious security-themed movie, much more be a Defense Minister of a country.

Many have accused the Defense Minister of playing fast and loose with the issue of the estaiiblishment of United States Military base in Ghana. The Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, had in fact, and in what the Ghanaian public conclude is purely political equalization, declared the present agreement a continuation of what the erstwhile NDC administration signed in 1998 and 2015 for which reason former Foreign Affairs Minister Hannah Tetteh should be blamed.

In the Defense Minister’s defense, he has indicated that the only difference between the current Military agreement and the previous one has been his courage and transparency to approach parliament with the deal as a result of tax exemption component.

Samson and his colleague lawyer, a lecturer from GIMPA whose write-up was widely shared across social media took turns to kick Mr Nitiwul over the issue.

Writing on Facebook, the post read:

“Pray – Teacher Justice Sai writes: “…Then, we appoint a Nitiwul to be the policy head of this very important institution. What has he been saying at the wake of this confusing news? We should be grateful to the USA, even when the agreement in question suggests strongly that the USA rather should be grateful to the people of this country.

Me: The man lacks tact and diplomacy, let alone technical knowledge in communicating sensitive defense and security matters. He won’t even get a role in a serious security themed movie.”

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