Let strengthen grass-roots base – Antwi-Boasiko to NDC

Politics of Friday, 23 March 2018

Source: abusuafmonline.com


Antwi-Boasiko Sekyere, Former Eastern Regional Minister

The former Eastern Regional Minister, Mr Antwi-Boasiko Sekyere, has stated that the only tool that can propel the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to victory come 2020 is for the party to strengthen the grass-roots base.

According to him, the NDC was formed at the grass roots and therefore will require the concerns and man power of the cadres to ensure effective mobilisation at all levels in ensuring that the party is well structured to wrest power from the ruling New Patroitic Party (NPP).

Speaking to a group of NDC cadres in Accra, Mr Antwi-Boasiko said in the past, the party was noted for reorganisation at the local level but abandoned the skill in 2016 to the NPP who, after losing the 2012 elections, adopted the NDC’s door-to-door campaign strategy.

He added that per what the NPP did in 2016, “they are gradually building on the grass-roots support, winning almost all the urban centres and performed creditably well in some rural areas.”

“The NDC could not believe the 2016 elections results because it had virtually abandoned all the principles and ideals that made it a phenomenal and unbeatable natural party for government,” he stated.

Mr Antwi-Boasiko admonished the cadres to be more vibrant at the grass roots in order to wrest power from the NPP.

“Comrades, let me tell you that tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat,” he said.

Elections are for the future and the past. There must be a compelling narrative of hope for the future if you want to carry the people with you, but not beating your chest recounting your past glory.”

The NDC bigwig said instead of the party leadership to concentrate on the main reason why the party lost in 2016, they were rather changing the reasons and “if we don’t know what led to our loss, how can we reorganise to win power come 2020?”

He reminded the cadres of the main principles of NDC such as putting people before profit, and being a voice for the voiceless in society, adding that those who think that the party can win power without the founder’s input were living in oblivion or had lost touch with reality.

“Comrades and friends of the NDC fraternity, let me end by admonishing all members of the noble party that we need credible leadership at all levels behind NDC core principle and values to prepare for that battle and the challenges ahead of 2020 elections,” he stated.

Professor Kojo Gauvah, a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, said it was time party executive differentiated between core leaders who have the party at heart and those who only use money to influence votes and afterwards go to sleep.

He said as “we revitalise our party, we should look for leaders who have the zeal to fight for the values and principles handed over to the new generation by the old folks.”

According to him, the party cannot throw away its values and principles and say they have a new NDC. If we do that we will be hanging ourselves.”

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