Yenbo Nkomo Diaries: Broken heart women tell own stories

Entertainment of Thursday, 22 March 2018



Yenbo Nkomo show host Maame Yeboah Asiedu

An all-female panelists, who have been broken-hearted in previous relationships last Tuesday on Yenbo Nkomo talk show on Adom FM, shared their hearts on how that experience affected their subsequent relationship.

A week ago the same panel discussed some of the things that led to them being broken hearted.

In that discussion, they noted that, from experience, they can say that most women get their hearts broken because they go into relationships with high expectations and so they find it difficult to let go when a guy says it’s over.

They also mentioned that what breaks women’s hearts is when a man propose love to them without the intention of marriage.

Another key observation about what breaks women’s hearts is when they start with a man from scratch but when prosperity comes, the man starts going after other women.

Having spelt out the causes of broken-heart in women, show host Maame Yeboah Asiedu led the panel in an equally revealing discussion how their situation affected their subsequent relationships.

One of the panelist, Dansoa Tagoe said due to her past experience with broken heart, she now very careful not to give all of heart to a man like she did in the previous relationship that led to her getting broken hearted.

She added that it will be difficult for her to be generous to any man who comes to her for a relationship because her first man took advantage of her generosity saying she has become an “I don’t care person”.

Actress and Producer Nana Yaa Boako (Nayas) also said it will be hard for her to trust the next man because anyone who has been bitten by a snake becomes scared of a worm.

She said if she is with her man at night and his phone is off, or it is on silent every time they are together, it is a red flag and she will not tolerate that from any man.

Gospel Musician Bernice Ansah said the reason most broken-hearted women find it difficult to go into another relationship is because men are never content with one woman.

She added that this can sometimes turn the woman into a detective or hire a detective to monitor the movement of the man.

Another panelist of the show, Mary Kay said if a woman realizes that her heart is constantly been broken by men, she should relax before entering into another relationship because the pain from her previous relationship piles up and makes her paranoid in the new relationship.

She therefore advised women to desist from monitoring the movements of their man as it can give the woman high blood pressure.

Meanwhile, regular panelist of the show, Sarah Opare said everything one does is a choice whether one wants to enter a relationship after a heart break or not.

She said as human beings, “we ought to have the spirit of discernment to be able to discern if the person you meet after a heartbreak is good for you or not.”

Sarah Opare added that, as a child of God, before one enter into any relationship, there is need for her to pray for foresight and prevents unnecessary comparisons.

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