I have always wanted to become a lawyer – Actor

Entertainment of Thursday, 22 March 2018

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play videoActor Henry Harding

Veteran actor Henry Harding popularly known as Papa Nii has said in an interview that his childhood dream of becoming a lawyer was shuttered due to a misconception.

The actor said, he has always dreamt of becoming a lawyer after his love for English grew when he realized he was terrible at math.

“I memorized the dictionary because I knew Law demanded some level of proficiency in English language and I wanted badly to read law” he said

Recounting how he was discouraged from pursuing his childhood dream, Papa Nii said people around him told him about how lawyers were laid in state turned over because they are believed to be liars.

“I was told lawyers were laid in state when they die with their faces turned to the bed and as a little child, who wanted to be laid in state that way or tagged as a liar,” he said

According to him, the old system of schooling was more helpful to students and prepared them then what the current one is doing, adding that “you were forced to read three books each level you went to in the old system but with the new one, a science student would complete school and would not have read a single English book, which is not the best”

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