Frema Adunyame educates Ofori Amponsah over faked pastorship claim

Entertainment of Thursday, 22 March 2018



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One of the most respected female broadcasters of our time,Frema Adunyame has indicated candidly that it was unnecessary for Hi-life singer, Ofori Amponsah to reveal that he faked his pastorship.

Ofori Amponsah,who is well noted with the hit song ‘ Otoolege” established a church Family of Faith & Love Ministries in 2013 after he claimed God had called him to be a pastor.

But Speaking to Delay on ‘The Delay Show’, the ‘Otoolege’ singer astonished viewers when he astonishingly revealed that even though he was called by God to do his work, his calling is not to be a pastor, a reason he went back to secular music.

According to him, the pain and frustration he went through in life pressurized him to assume the duties of a pastor when he had not been ordained.

“I can say God did not call me to be a pastor; maybe for something else..Only a fool doesn’t change his mind. I know what my strengths are. I don’t feel like writing gospel music.

He apologised to his fans and loved ones who may have been disappointed in his actions during his ‘u-turn’ from gospel music.

Delving into Ofori Amponsah’s proclamation on her show,’Good Morning Ghana’ on Metro TV,Monitored by,Frema Adunyame delineated emphatically that it’s extremely ridiculous for Ofori Amponsah to publicly reveal that he faked his pastorship.

“Ofori Amponsah was very confused in the interview…and very incoherent…if you are going through stuff just go and sit down, you don’t have to be talking…listening to him, he still has emotional issues …you are ridiculing yourself…am sorry Ofori but, I think this is not the time to be granting interviews… this is ridiculous”

Frema, who is also the manageress of celebrated Contemporary Hi-life musician Kwabena Kwabena, emphasized that, though the ‘Otoolege’ hitmaker needs love and support, she believes it was quite unnecessary to share his predicament publicly.

Kindly watch excerpts of the interview in the video below!

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