Another policeman caught on camera taking bribe

General News of Sunday, 18 March 2018



play videoPolice officer receiving money from the occupants of the car

Another video of a policeman has been spotted on social media by showing the law enforcement officer demanding for bribe from some occupants of a 4×4 car.

The over 1-minute video showed the police officer approach the car and immediately put his hand in the car to receive some cash.

However, the occupants of the car revealed that they did not have enough money at the moment. With this information, the mood and facial expression of the policeman suddenly changed.

The police officer then explained that he needed to be given something to hare with his ‘boss’ who appeared to be some way off the scene of the incident.

The lady in the front passenger seat who recorded the video then said that she did not have enough money but if the police insisted, she had to use the ATM to be able to ‘bribe’ him.

He asked how much they had on them currently and they said they could manage GHc 5.

Upon checking, they realized even the GHc 5 bribe they were willing to offer was going to be a problem. The police officer then asked the occupants of the car to gather whatever monies they had on them and give it to him.

The driver of the vehicle managed to come up with GHc 1 while the lady in the front passenger’s seat managed to gather some coins summing up to about GHc 0.60.

The policeman gladly accepted the ‘woefully inadequate’ bribe and went on his way. As he walked off, he asked if the lady secretly recording the video was single.

She then said she would be willing to marry him if he came to propse to her. Yesterday, shared a video of a police brutality where some officers were seen mercilessly beating up a taxi driver for wrongly parking his car.

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