Where is NDC’s Ama Benyiwaa Doe?

Politics of Saturday, 17 March 2018

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Ama Benyiwa Doe

Ama Benyiwa Doe is most remembered for her aggressive approach to political radio talk shows. She is best known for her aggressive and vociferous approach to Ghanaian politics from hot radio talk shows to controversial political interviews. But the ‘disappearance’ of Ama Benyiwa Doe from the political scenes of Ghana in recent times has been a development which has got many asking, ‘where is Ama Benyiwa Doe?’.

Ama Benyiwa Doe has been one of the political voices on Ghanaian radio that always got people sticking close to their sets each and every time.

Although there is not much to be told about this female politician, there is documents to prove that she was an outstanding Member of Parliament with the National Democratic (NDC) for the Gomoa West Constituency from 1992 until 2004, when she got kicked out by her political rival, Joe Kingsley Hackman.

In January 2009 she was nominated by the late President Mills as the Central Regional Minister in Ghana.

In fact, her disappearance from active politics and radio commentary since 2014 got many wondering whether or not she was dead – concerns which got the staunch politician break her silence stating that she was alive and well.

Madam Benyiwa Doe explained that her appointment as Council of State member limited her interaction with the media thus urged her conspirators not to misconstrue her long silence to mean she was dead.

Speaking in figurative terms, she said “let us assume, you are at a fair and the music being played in the background is a High Life tune, you are expected to dance well to it. But should the Disc Jockey abruptly stop playing High Life and insert ‘Agbaja’ music, one is expected to change his or her dance moves”.

Even as the much anticipated general election draws near, questions are rife as to whether the agile and outspoken female politician could hit the campaign scenes once again through the magic of radio.

But in the mean time, the question on the minds of thousand Ghanaians remains; “where is Ama Benyiwa Doe?”

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