Police brutality unmasked at Adenta

General News of Friday, 16 March 2018

Source: ahotoronline.com


play videoPolice officers beating the taxi driver

A purported 3 minutes audiovisual content has gone viral, involving the manhandling of a taxi driver in Adenta.

The driver who was physically assaulted by uniform MTTD and duty bound police officers accused him of wrongful parking and exhibiting signs of gross misdemeanour.

Bystanders and passersby were heard in the said video pleading for clemency for the culprit.

But the animalistic and furious police officers on duty at the enclave of Adenta, a suburb of the Greater Accra Region could not subdue their empathy but persisted to beat the harmless driver to a pulp.

From the look of things, it seems the taxi driver resisted arrest making the police officers act violently against him.

The video has since caught the attention and glimpse of social media freaks, with many expressing varied misgivings and have therefore called for the reproach of these unprofessional security agents.

Meanwhile, Ahotor News investigative desk, as well as ahotoronline.com, would follow the issue to its logical conclusion and abreast the reading public accordingly.

The painstaking assaulting video can be viewed below.

Viewers are advised to exercise discretion since the content could be disturbing to individual feeling, sensitivity and emotions respectively.

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