Family of missing child calls for speedy investigations

General News of Wednesday, 14 March 2018



The police has been accused of being sluggish in its investigations

The family of an 18-month old baby who was allegedly abducted in their home at Kyebi New Town in the Eastern Region last week, are urging the police to speed up investigations into the matter.

The family, who are emotionally traumatized after the baby who was playing with his twin brother on their corridor mysteriously disappeared, are afraid their hopes of seeing the boy alive soon will fade if police delays with their investigations.

Three children have within a month allegedly gone missing in Kyebi in the East Akyem Municipality, a situation which has caused fear and panic among residents living in and around the area.

The father of the missing child, Frederick Zikpli, in a Citi News interview at the family house where the child was abducted, expressed worry over the slow pace of police investigations.

“It has not been easy at all; I must be frank with you. I was in Aburi last week when my wife called to inform me the junior among the twins cannot be found so I had to rush here and truly too when I arrived I met a lot of people here in my house searching the whole area and behind the back of our house to check if they can see my son”.

“My wife has been crying since last week, she stays up to dawn and cries throughout the night, our lives as a family have not been the same again and we are afraid that as the days pass and we do not hear any news we may not see him again so am calling on the police and CID to really speed up with their investigations as early as possible because I do not know what we can do without the boy,” he said.

Demand for ransom

Mr. Zipkli further disclosed how some criminals are trying to take advantage of their situation to dupe them into paying money as ransom supposedly for his missing child.

“I received a call yesterday [Monday] from a strange number who asked if was the father of the missing child which I confirmed I was, he then told me he has my son so I should pay GHC 5,000.00 if I wanted to see my son again. I quickly went to the police station to inform the crime officer and at that very moment, he called again in the presence of the crime officer demanding that I now pay GHC 1,000.00 to a mobile account number. The crime officer then took the contact number and I’m sure they are investigating”.

Police being sluggish

Opanyin Kwasi Amoako, 65-year-old victim and a resident of Kyebi who also lost his 17- year old son a month ago, has threatened to petition the Eastern Regional Police Commander on what he describes as the sluggish manner in which the Kyebi Police has handled the disappearance of his child when he first reported the case.

In an interview with Citi News, Opanyin Kwasi Amoako said he has lost trust in the police at Kyebi.

“I cannot hide it from anyone, I have no confidence or hope in the police here, I have lost trust in them and I do not trust their abilities because for over 40 days now when my wife and I went to lodge the complaint at the station about the disappearance of our son, not even a single personnel has called to say anything about the case or even come to our house to say something so I have decided to go to Koforidua this week to inform the regional Police Commander about my case and the attitude of his men here”.

When Citi News visited the East Akyem Municipal Police Station with Opanyin Kwasi Amoako, the officer whom the case was first reported to, could not retrieve the date and other information he wrote in their book, but the Police Commander assured residents of their safety.

“I want to assure every one in Kyebi of their security and safety. The police here will work effectively to make sure we bring the perpetrators of this horrible acts to book”.

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