Assemblyman upset over eviction of traders near Akufo-Addo’s home

General News of Monday, 12 March 2018



Umaru Sanda Mohammed, Nima West Assemblyman

The Assembly Member for Nima West Electoral area at East Ayawaso, Umaru Sanda Mohammed, has served noticed notice of his intention to fight for traders and residents in the area directly opposite the Nima residence of President Nana Akufo-Addo, who have been ordered to leave.

Mr. Mohammed, who said he only heard about the matter in the news, said the matter has not been handled properly.

“I just heard it on Friday evening that they have been given a deadline to move and they had been compensated. As the Assemblyman of the area, I was not happy at all, and I said I will check up on the area because that is my area,” he remarked to Citi News.

The Assemblyman plans to meet with the sub-metro and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly today [Monday].

“I said to myself that by Monday, I have to go and check up at the AMA and I will definitely go and meet my people around that area to discuss these issues with them because they have to be given enough time [to move].”

“I will discuss it with the Sub-Metro first and ask them how the procedure is going and all, and if we need some time, we don’t need to force them. We have to talk to… and even find a suitable place for them. Some of them are sleeping there, that is where they live.”

Possible relocation in Nima

There is the possibility the affected persons could be relocated within the assembly, Mr. Mohammed added.

“I can spot a place in the community whereby if I discuss with the [Accra] Mayor, I think we can get a place for them… it will depend on how the conversation [with the AMA] goes.”

He said his attempted intervention “is to make sure that they are getting enough that can support them to go and get a place to live.”

“If you have given somebody GHc3,000 and the person has five kids and he is living there, how can he support himself with that money… some people invested around that area. You look at the investment and compensate them.”

But the government has explained that least two months notice was given to the traders and residents to vacate the area.

A statement from the government says that “extensive consultations were undertaken between the Office of the President, National Security, and the traders and artisans, before the implementation of this decision.”

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