Couples pampering each other will help reduce divorce rate – DKB

Entertainment of Saturday, 10 March 2018



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Ghanaian comedian Derrick Kobina Bonney popularly known as DKB has urged married couples to show affection and love to each other in order to save their marriages from being terminated.

Speaking to at an event organized by PamperDem GH to ‘mesmerize’ women in Ghana on Friday, DKB said the PamperDem was formed with a different school of thought that opposes the aggressive and controversial PepperDem GH.

According to him, “At this stage of the economy, there are a lot of situations crippling the society and the country. Marriages are breaking, divorce is on the rise. We don’t have time for pepper, pepper will cause more confusion.”

DKB who was at the event to advocate for women empowerment further advised recommended pampering in marriages saying, “If only they pampered each other, they would have saved themselves from divorce. Pepper to pepper leaves both of you blind. There is no need to pepper anybody, rather you pamper, love, give affection, understanding and sweetness. If we pamper a lot, the percentage of divorce would have dropped and more marriages would be stable.”

The agenda of PamperDem GH is to appreciate women and ‘fight’ against the propaganda disseminated by some feminists who are suggesting that women cooking for husbands are slaves.

At the ‘PamperDem Hangout’ women were given memorable treats which include facial makeup, massage, food, among others.

PamperDem GH is made up of a community of people passionate about treating each other with respect, love & care and intentional about pampering their loved ones and making them feel like “royals” every day.

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