Yvonne Nelson speaks on motherhood with the BBC to mark international women’s day

Entertainment of Thursday, 8 March 2018

Source: bbc.com


play videoYvonne Nelson on BBC Africa

Ghana’s Nollywood star Yvonne Nelson has been answering your questions on BBC Africa.

But, as it is International Women’s Day, we couldn’t resist adding one of our own: Is the time now for African women?

And according to Nelson, it most certainly is.

“African women, we’ve been ready,” she said. “So we just need opportunities, we need the world to believe in us more.

“We believe in ourselves. We just need to doors to open.”

Nelson added that, because she “is a very positive person” she didn’t “let negativity and all the bad talk and everything get to” her.

She gave birth to her daughter on Sunday, October 29, 2017 at a Hospital in Accra with her Fashion Photographer boyfriend, Jamie Roberts by her side.

Nelson also spoke about acting and empowering women.

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