Don’t dare me – Music Producer warns DJs he rented apartments and bought cars for

Entertainment of Thursday, 8 March 2018



Nana Akwasi Ansah Mensah (AggieCoat), Producer

Ghanaian popular producer, Nana Akwasi Ansah Mensah otherwise known as AggieCoat has dared Ghanaian Disc Jockeys he rented apartments and bought cars for as ‘payola’-the practice of bribing a DJ in return for the unofficial promotion of a particular song to publicly deny it.

Giving reason for illegally remunerating most DJs to promote his artistes’ songs on radio, AggieCoat indicated that in the late 90s and early 2000s, Ghanaian DJs were not well recognized and appreciated as stakeholders in the music industry hence he saw the need to make DJs realize how notable they are as part of the industry.

“I glady paid payola to DJs… My highest payola I paid to a popular Ghanaian DJ was $1,000. I’ve done a lot for Ghana music and I can say on authority that, I made Ghanaian DJs feel that they are also important in the music industry.

“I bought cars and paid for house rents for some of the DJs… If they deny it, I will come out publicly with my cheque book and mention names. Some of the Djs are currently on radio.” AggieCoat told Kojo Preko Dankwa on K-Entertainment on KasapaFM.

Speaking as a guest with Kojo Preko Dankwa on K-Entertainment, the popular producer disclosed that he getting into music has never been a worry to him but he is disappointed he was unable to recoup what he invested in the music.

According to him, his colleagues like Goodies, Big Ben, Bandex and others never made money from the money they invested in their artistes.

Admitting that they (Producers) invested in music for the pleasure of it without looking at the business aspect because they had enough to spend on music and personal stuffs.

AggieCoat further added that in the past, producers made money from the sales of cassettes and compact discs unlike presently artistes and their producers get huge return from many outlets.

“I can readily tell you that we never made money from the music investment we did. It is our fault because we didn’t tackle the industry from the business point of view. Most of us were in the music industry for the fun of it.” AggieCoat revealed on K-Entertainment.

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