Independence Day ‘collapse’ story grossly exaggerated – Wassa East DCE

General News of Wednesday, 7 March 2018



Wilson Arthur, Wassa East DCE

The District Chief Executive Officer for Wassa East, Wilson Arthur has reacted to reports suggesting he collapsed Tuesday, March 6 whilst delivering a speech at the 61st Independence Day celebration in the Western Region.

It was reported that the Wassa East DCE collapsed on the grounds of the Independence Day celebration in the course of reading his speech and was immediately rushed to the Ahmadyyia Muslim Mission Hospital at Daboase by the Member of Parliament for Wassa East Constituency, Isaac Adjei Mensah and his entourage.

His speech had to consequently be completed by District Coordinating Officer, Samuel Owusu Andoh at the event.

Describing the narrative of the events as ‘grossly exaggerated’, he explained that contrary to information that was making the rounds, he was merely unwell and weak hence couldn’t see his speech through to the end.

It was not a collapse he indicated, urging well-wishers not to be alarmed because he is healthy.

“The picture painted is grossly exaggerated. The fact was that almost at the end of the speech I felt too weak so I stopped reading the address and requested my security Aide of the day to help me back to my

Read his press release below

I am well.

I wish to thank everyone for your concern in response to a story that broke yesterday that I had collapsed in the course of reading the pResidents 61st Independence Address. I have been overwhelmed by the response of my well wishes especially my people in Wassa East.

The picture painted is grossly exaggerated though. Almost at the end of the six page speech, I felt so weak so I discontinued the address and requested my security Aide to help me back to my chair. I was quickly helped by the medics on duty into the standby ambulance and sent to Ahmadyyia Hospital where I got discharged after receiving a drip. I must put on record that it is the Medics on duty who took me to the hospital. Dr Sunderland, Wassa East District Health Director joined the Head of the hospital to attend to me and stayed by my side till I was discharged under an hour of admission.

I can understand the seeming intensive medical response to the situation that has created the impression that I may have been in a terrible medical situation. But obviously is not as bad as is being speculated all over.

Last weekend was a very busy one that left me drained. To make matters worse, I worked in the early hours on Tuesday 6th March, as usual, but had to get back into bed because at 5:20am I felt too weak to go through my morning exercises. I woke 6:30am to prepare for work. The mistake I made was I skipped breakfast and jumped into my event management mode.

I feel well by Gods Grace.Thank you for your concern. Lesson learnt. Going forward I will manage my health better. God richly bless you all.

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