Lizzy U-13 team to represent Ghana in Dubai Intercontinental Football Cup

Sports News of Friday, 9 February 2018



Lizzy Complex DubaiLizzy U-13 team won the qualifiers in Ghana last year

Fast rising Sports management and Entertainment Company, Centa14 is set to send the Lizzy U-13 team to the prestigious Dubai Intercontinental Football Cup competition.

The Franchise holders of the competition in Ghana, Centa14 Sports management and entertainment will be travelling with the Lizzy team for the football competition for players at the age of 13 and below.

The famous competition will see Lizzy U-13 teams compete will clubs like Real Madrid and Celta Vigo on February 22nd to 24th, 2018.

Centa14 held the Ghana edition of the competition at the Lizzy Sports Complex, which was won by the host. A competition watched by former Real Madrid defender Michel Salgado.

Director of the Business Development of Centa14 Kweku Baah explains the objective of the company is to make sure young talents are able to realize their dreams of playing for top European clubs.

“We are the franchise holders of the first edition of the competition here in Ghana,” he told

“It is our responsibility to get a team to compete at the competition in Dubai,”

“For us we are providing the platform for the kids to be able to hone their talents, meeting these International teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Celta Vigo, these are teams that are coming with their U-13 teams, so that we are able to get the team from Lizzy to take part in this tournament,” he added.

“Obviously, it is a bigger stage, they will try and rub their shoulders with the some of these teams and if possible, some of them will be snapped up by some of these teams.”

“Last year, a team from Angola participated and reached the finals and two of their players were snapped up by Celta Vigo and for us we think the talents here can also get such opportunities. “

Centa14 also added, their doors are opened for support especially from the corporate bodies interested in promoting talents.

“During the Ghana event, we virtually had to deep our hands in the pockets to stage the event in Ghana.

“Remember, we brought Madrid legend Salgado, all these came from our pockets, taking the team is also on us. But we believe we have started a project we believe will yield something in the future. Because nothing big start big so we need teams to come in and support u,”

“Everything in terms of accommodations and other iternaries required I Dubai has been catered for but I mean the tickets and other things that we need for the Dubai trip is outstanding so we are calling on corporate bodies to come in and aid us.”

Centa14 is a sports and entertainment company established last year by Kweku Baah and William Alexander Coleman, who provide opportunities to young talents to excel.

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