Sampson Ahi “sleep talks” during live radio interview

Former Deputy Minister for Water Resources Works and Housing, Sampson Ahi shocked listeners of mass market radio, Kasapa FM Monday evening when he appeared to be ‘sleep talking’ during a live interview.

Hon. Ahi who’s also the Member of Parliament for Bodi, displayed the height of incoherence during the telephone interview as he mumble jumbled.

The Fourth term MP and a member on the Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing was called by the radio station to tap into his knowledge and experience in the wake of the perennial water shortage which has compelled the Ghana Water Company Limited to undertake water rationing programme started two weeks ago.

But Hon. Ahi failed to stay on course to answer the questions that were put to him as he sadly veered of into extraneous matters.

The interviewer Obaasima Serwah Akoto posed this question “Hon. the PRO of Ghana Water Company has told us that the scarcity of water is partly as a result of the activities of illegal miners (galamseyers). You’re a member of the Parliamentary committee that supervises our water bodies, how often do you as a committee go to the field to see what happens around our water bodies?

Sampson Ahi: “This is a natural weather problem which has existed from 2012 till now, after the change of government our brothers and sisters in the NPP think they should have whatever they want, but that will not help. We in the NDC believe that what we all want as a people we should have it.”

The interviewer barges in: “Honourable, I’m asking you this question because I want to know if your committee can corroborate the claims by the Ghana Water Company?

Sampson Ahi responds: “Thank you, we’re following the issue, that is why this coming Tuesday at 1pm, my mothers and siblings who are working at building construction sites will be meeting. We believe that with the measures we’ve put in place so far, they will enable any Ghanaian who wants to build a house but has no money to be able to build a house. But for those who have money, they’ll join the state to give our father and brother Hon. Boampong (late MP for Bia West) a befitting burial. What I’ll plead is that, the country belongs to all of us, today, our brother Boampon has departed from us. Let’s see how best we can lay him to rest so that what happens after the funeral will be a conversation between you and I.”

The interviewer, realizing all was not well due to the incoherent answers that were coming from Hon. Ahi, then decided to end the interview to enable the MP have some good rest.


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