Tourism Ministry to develop skills, others with $50m grant

Business News of Tuesday, 30 January 2018



play videoTourism Minister, Catherine Afeku

The Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Ablema Afeku has outlined some key areas her ministry will be investing in, with the 50 million dollar grant by the World Bank.

According to her, the grant will among others, be used to develop a skilled workforce in the hospitality sector as well as deepen linkages among various operators in the hospitality industry by coordinating their activities.

“Under the Ghana Tourism Arts and Culture improvement project, the World Bank with this fifty million grant intends to support the ministry and its agencies to strengthen its institutions and stakeholders to improve sector productivity for job creation; most importantly to empower women and youth across all sectors along the creative arts and culture value chain as well as to enhance overall domestic foreign tourist experience” she explained.

The grant, which was facilitated by the Finance Ministry, is to aid the ministry in strengthening its institutions to improve sector productivity for job creation.

Addressing the press, Madam Afeku said her ministry will ensure the money is used to transform the tourism industry.

“Some of the highlights of what we intend to do and we will make sure that stakeholders voices are heard” she stated.

“We intend to support reforms in the Ghana Tourism Strategy and Sector Development Implementation Roadmap. We will focus on fostering intersectoral stakeholder linkages and efforts and coordination. Also, capacity building, to create skilled workforce in the hospitality and the creative arts center” she added.

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