KAAF Law School hosts maiden thought leadership seminar

Regional News of Monday, 20 November 2017

Source: KAAF University College


Kaaf Law School2Head of the Department of Law, (KUC), Mr. Tawia Akyea

The Department of Law, KAAF University College, launched its maiden thought leadership seminar dubbed [email protected] at an event on the topic “Gender in the Law Profession: Developments.”

This event came off at the City Campus of KAAF University College (KUC) and the presenter was Ms. Tanya Blocker, President – Association of Black Women Attorneys (ABWA), USA.

Among the important individuals present at the forum were the Rector of KUC, Dr. Acheampong, the Head of the Department of Law, KUC, Mr. Tawia Akyea, and the Senior Assistant Registrar in charge of the City Campus, KUC, Mr. Prosper Kwamigah Nyatuame. Also in attendance were some Faculty members of KUC, some of the first graduating class of the Department of Law at KUC and a host of the continuing students of the Department of Law at KUC.

The guest speaker, Ms. Tanya N. Blocker, who is a Senior Employment Counsel, President of the Association of Black Women Attorneys (ABWA), the Chair of Metropolitan Black Bar Association’s (MBBA) Labor and Employment Law Section, a Board member of After-School All Stars (ASAS), New York/New Jersey Chapters, and a Council of Urban Professionals Executive Leadership Program (CUP ELP) participant, spoke on issues surrounding the gender situation in the law profession in the USA.

In a highly interactive and exciting seminar, Ms. Blocker spoke on the male to female ratio in law firms as well as the ratio of Black/African American women as compared to Caucasian and Asian/Pacific Islanders, all in the USA, according to the NYC Bar Diversity Benchmark Report both in the year 2016 and 2015. She made mention of the percentage of women in leadership roles in the profession in New York as follows; 87.8% are Caucasian, 5.7% are Asian/Pacific Islander and 2.8% being Black/African American.

In addition, she made mention of how gender makes individuals attractive to a law firm or not, especially when it comes to having children.

For instance, a man would be more attractive to a firm if he is having children because he would need to provide for them, and as such he is more likely to be committed to his job than would otherwise be the case. This works in favour of men in the legal work place. But a woman who is having children would not be as attractive to the firm as the man.

She ended her presentation by stating how law firms in the USA have had limited progress in promoting female lawyers over the course of the years, and how women of colour have remained at the bottom. Law firms in the USA have jumped on the diversity and inclusion train, but none of them are really diverse in a way that matters to one’s pocketbook. Thus the fight to improve the lot of females, and females of colour in particular, in the profession of law is still ongoing.

It was interesting to note that gender issues are cross-cultural when some insights of some gender issues in Ghana and the profession of Law were also brought up. It was exciting to note that, as an African-American, the presenter was able to come to Ghana and interact with African Lawyers and law students about practical issues and share knowledge and experiences in a lively and fluid manner, especially with the female students currently in training here at KAAF University College.

Speaking at the event, the Head of the Department of Law, (KUC), Mr. Tawia Akyea, said “KAAF University College is truly excited to host Ms. Blocker at this event. We are committed and determined to establish the law school here as a preferred law school. These sessions with senior lawyers and jurists on topical issues helps practitioners, faculty and our students to gain a better insight into the workings of the law.” He made the point that law is a critical input for the development process of the country.

About KAAF Law School

The Department of Law at KUC was established about three years ago. Its objective is to produce highly qualified graduates who show proof of academic excellence, professionalism and competency in law. Students are exposed to a comprehensive understanding of the theories, concepts and ideas that undergird the subject of law. [email protected] is a seminar series of the law school. The Department of Law at KUC looks forward to mounting these seminar series on a regular basis in the coming months and years.

About ABWA

The Association of Black Women Attorneys (ABWA) is a not-for-profit bar association that strives to provide a sisterhood for black law attorneys in the USA. It promotes the growth and advancement of its members. “Lifting as We Rise” is the founding principle by which ABWA prides itself.

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