NADMO no longer has political colours – Abu Ramadan

Politics of Monday, 9 October 2017



Abu Nadmoplay videoAbu Ramadan, Deputy NADMO Boss

The Deputy National Disaster Management Organization boss, Abu Ramadan has stated that the politics that has over the years characterized the NADMO has been taking off.

His comments come in the wake of a gas explosion at Atomic Junction, a suburb of Accra on the night of Saturday October 7.

Speaking to journalists at the fire scene Mr. Ramadan noted that the current staff of the disaster management body cannot be associated with governing NPP hence such a depoliticization will bring progress.

“Since we took over, we’ve made sure we have depoliticized the organization. All members of staff are civil servants. We won’t bring politics in the job, unless you the staff decide to play political then we will deal with you politically,” he noted.

There were two massive explosions at Madina Atomic Junction which led to death of at least two persons.

Various degrees of injuries were sustained, houses burnt and several persons displaced. But for the timely intervention of Firefighters and Ambulance service, more lives and properties would have been lost.

The Deputy NADMO was also delighted at the efforts of the security personnel and expressed his satisfaction with the promptness with which the disaster was handled.

“This response is one of the fastest responses we have had as an organization as in terms of fighting disasters as an organization and I am happy about it.”

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