Ghana National fire Service to embark on Safety Audit

General News of Tuesday, 10 October 2017



Fire Service Ghana The exercise is to ensure that petrol and gas filling station operate in safe conditions

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has stated that due to the spate of Gas explosions that has bedeviled the country in recent times ,the regional command of the service will embark on safety audit within the region .

A statement issued by Fanny Simpson, assistant chief fire officer stated that this is to ensure that petrol and gas filling station operate in safe conditions.

The statement said: “The following checklist is going to be employed for the audit to guarantee regulatory standards; all stations must have National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Municipal, Metropolitan and District Assembly (MMDA) and Ghana National Fire Service permits; all stations must have gas detection system that would detect gas leakages and serve as early warning system; there should be an emergency shut-off valve that would shut off the gas should there be any leakage from the pipe.’’

It added: “Stations must also have automatic sprinklers installed on top of the bulk storage tanks to cool it should there be any increase in temperature. Suction pumps must be installed at all gas filling stations to transfer gas from tankers to tanks instead of using the tankers engine. Also, fire extinguishers must be put on standby before offloading; businesses and other human activities should keep distance from the facilities.

“Adequate training by all stakeholders must be given to owners/attendants to circumvent negligence situations that can be avoided.

“The Regional Command will ensure facilities that do not meet the basic safety requirements are closed down. It is time to make few people uncomfortable to save the larger society. The public is hereby asked to kindly cooperate with the team from the Ghana National Fire Service to assist in curbing this menace.”

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