Former NPP Chairman allegedly beats up Bugri Naabu

General News of Tuesday, 10 October 2017



Alhaji Haruna Tia Sulemana2Alhaji Haruna Sulemana Tia (L) and Daniel Bugri Naabu (R)

An open confrontation between former Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Alhaji Haruna Sulemana Tia (Harun Bees) and the current Daniel Bugri Naabu nearly marred the three-day visit of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The two who went physical, left party supporters who had gathered in shock as they literally traded blows at Modern City Hotel where a meeting was scheduled to take place between the president and party’s council of elders.

According to eyewitnesses, the former NPP Chairman confronted Daniel Bugri over his decision to exclude him from the reconstituted Council of Elders in the region.

Mr Naabu in response said he did not need his clearance to carry on his mandated duties a response that provoked the former Chairman who immediately landed a hefty blow on his [Bugri Naabu’s] chest.

Harun Bees followed it up with another punch which nearly toppled the NPP chairman from the staircase where the confrontation took place but for the timely intervention of his supporters.

Some members of the President’s entourage who were at the scene had to immediately intervene to save the embarrassing spectacle as other hotel guests who were attracted by the noise started gathering around the two NPP stalwarts.

Mr Bugri Naabu on Tamale-based Diamond FM, admitted that the unfortunate incident occurred but said he failed to retaliate because he feared he would have killed him.

Giving account of what transpired he said: “Just when I was about to enter the hall to address the people at the modern city hotel, Harun Bees called me and said, hey chairman, the selection that you made, change them. I asked him which selection? Then he said the list for the council of elders. Just when I was about to talk, he gave me a heavy blow on my chest.

I didn’t say anything because you know how heavy my hands are. If I had knocked him back, by now the news would’ve been that Bugri Naabu has killed somebody. But I didn’t fall down after the blow as people are alleging”

He disclosed that he will not report the matter to the police but said he will leave his predecessor to his conscience for going physical on an officer of the party.

Both since the incident have been engaging in a media war and using swear words at each other; a development party supporters fear could disintegrate the front of the party.

The former party Chairman has however disclosed to that he has no regrets attacking Bugri Naabu he accused of being bereft of ideas in managing the party in the region.

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