Atomic gas explosion: Where is the Khebab seller; is he dead or alive? – Ghanaians ask

General News of Monday, 9 October 2017



4 more persons have died from their wounds in the hospital, bringing the death toll to 7

It appears the focus of last Saturday’s deadly gas explosion at Madina Atomic Junction, has now been shifted to the unknown khebab seller whose fire is alleged to have triggered the unfortunate incident.

Even before the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) make known their findings of the actual cause of the inferno, the court of public opinion is pointing accusing fingers at the poor Khebab seller for the disaster that has befallen the country.

Government through the Ministry of Information has disclosed that 7 persons died and 132 suffered various degrees of burn injuries and are on admission at various health facilities responding to treatment.

It is however not clear if the Khebab seller the owner of the gas station accused for the misfortune is alive or dead as many continue to give conflicting accounts as to what really transpired.

According to host of Joy Fm’s Super Morning Show, Kojo Yankson, many believe the Khebab seller is to blame for the incident.

He said:” There was a leak during a loading exercise from one of the tanks here in this compound. Gas was pluming up into the sky, blowing up very fast and everybody in the area noticed it…Members of staff at the gas station evacuated immediately and called the authorities.

Within minutes, our chichinga stand operator decided to start work. In spite of the fact that there was escaping gas, he lit a flame under his Khebab and the flame shot up into the air and connected with the gas that was gathering in the air above the heads of all the people standing around…this flame connected with it[the gas] and set the entire sky above the people at this junction ablaze.”

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