Atomic gas explosion: Khebab theory false and misinformed – GNFS

General News of Monday, 9 October 2017



Billy Anaglatey34Prince Billy Anaglatey, Public Relations Officer for the Ghana National Service

Public Relations Officer for the Ghana National Service (GNFS), Prince Billy Anaglatey has described as ‘’misinformation’’ the theory by people that the Saturday Madina Zongo junction’s gas explosion was caused by a khebab seller.

A khebab seller is being fingered as the one whose activities caused the explosion that led to the death of some seven persons with 134 others stating serious injuries.

But responding to the claims, Mr. Anaglatey said, it was unfortunate for people to draw such conclusions.

He explained it is those with the technical ability to draw a conclusion and stressed that although they cannot rule that out, the claim is misinformation.

‘’With the khebab radio theory it is just unfortunate that we should be having misinformation on social media. Fire investigation is a technical job and it is only the technical trained people that would be able to determine the cause of the fire. As much as it is possible for fire from a khebab seller’s place to cause that fire, there are several possible causes to that fire. You need to determine the indicators before you are able to ascertain the causes.’’

According to him, the person who put out that information didn’t do well at all because that was misinformation on the fire situation.

Investigators are still investigating the cause of fire and so we will pray that we are allowed to investigate and come out with what the cause of explosion was, he concluded.

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