Atomic Junction Gas explosion: 5 dead, 45 injured

General News of Sunday, 8 October 2017



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play videoThe morning after the explosion

Three people have been confirmed by the 37 Military Hospital to have died from serious injuries sustained in a gas explosion at Atomic Junction on Saturday. Forty-five others are being treated for various injuries.

The victims were rushed to the hospital by first responders following the massive explosion which affected two other fuel stations nearby.

Reports also say the police arrested a Sprinter driver who rammed into two students as they fled the explosion site. It is unclear which school the students belonged to.

Meanwhile, students of Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (PRESEC) were evacuated to a safe a place following the explosion.

The powerful explosion set some vehicles close to the gas station alight.

Roads around the station have been closed for safety.

Ambulances were seen ferrying some injured people away.

Fire and police officers have been seen at the scene attending to the situation.

It is speculated that the explosion was caused by naked fire used for cooking at the gas sation.


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