Verify authenticity of vehicles before you purchase – GRA to Ghanaians

Business News of Thursday, 5 October 2017



KofiNtiGRAplay videoEmmanuel Kofi Nti, Commissioner-General GRA

The Commissioner-General of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Kofi Nti has cautioned members of the public to verify the legitimacy of any vehicle they intend to purchase with the Customs Division of the GRA before procuring them.

He said GRA as an organisation intends to vigorously pursue revenue without holding back.

“GRA is serving notice to the general public to ensure that all vehicles that they own have had their duties duly paid” he added

Speaking to journalists at the GRA Headquarters in Accra, the Commissioner-General said the Special Surveillance and Monitoring Unit working in collaboration with GRA has arrested about one hundred (100) uncustomed vehicles whose owners are going through the process of paying the required duties.

According to Mr. Nti, the work of the Special Surveillance and Monitoring Unit has confirmed that the number of uncustomed vehicles in the country are many therefore the owners have violated the law.

“In accordance with section 55(1) of the Customs Act, 2016 (Act 891) a person who imports vehicles into the country shall pay import duties and any other imposts” he explained.

He however called on the owners of vehicles to regularise the status of their vehicles with the Customs Division of GRA to be sure of the tax and duty status of their vehicles.

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