NPP executive arrested for engaging in recruitment ‘scam’

Arrested CollapsePolice in the Ashanti Region have arrested Daniel Boateng

Police in the Ashanti Region have confirmed the arrest of the acting Regional Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Boateng for his alleged involvement in a recruitment scam.

The suspect is alleged to have taken various sums of moneys from prospective recruits into the military, National Security and police promising he was going to get them enlisted.

The Tafo Pankrono police on Wednesday arrested him for allegedly defrauding the individuals in question who lodged an official complaint.

According to snippets of information gathered from the police, he claimed he was going to get his victims enrolled into the security establishments through protocol but subsequently failed to honour his part of the bargain after several weeks of hide and seek despite receiving the money.

One of the victims and his colleagues who claimed they each parted with GHC 2000 said they could no longer contain the flimsy excuses from the NPP leader and subsequently lodged a complaint with the police leading to his arrest.

His statement has since been taken and is currently assisting the police in their investigations into the matter.

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