Ghana to export Nanofiber | Business News 2017-10-02

Business News of Monday, 2 October 2017

Source: mawuli Viwotor


Noni FibreMr. Bonney said Ghanaians would be given priority in employment

Ghana would soon produce Nanofiber, also called Magic Fibre, to other African countries as M-TEchX Inc., a Japanese company, sets up its production base in the country under the One-District One Factory project rolled out by the government.

The proposed production plant is not only expected to employ some Ghanaians in various departments but also make Ghana a hub for Nanofiber with the country earning some foreign exchange to boost the economy.

According to Mr. Sota, CEO of M-TEchX Inc., “Ghana has the right environment for doing business and we look forward to Nanofibre to be developed from Ghana and spread the solution to Africa and rest of the world.” he stated.

Mr. Joseph Bonney, Executive Director, Africa Region of M-TEchX Inc., disclosed that the desire to establish the company in Ghana is in response to government’s call on the private sector to get involved in the One-District One Factory Concept and the congenial business environment prevailing in the country.

He disclosed that, the company has had consultations with the various stakeholders in the country and the prospects are very high for a plant to be established soon.

When established, the factory would become the focal point in Africa, supplying other countries in the West African Sub-region and beyond.

Mr. Bonney reiterated that Ghanaians would be given priority in employment and that efforts would be made to increase local contents in all aspects of the company’s operations in the country.

M-TEchX Inc., based in Japan, specializes in the manufacturing of Magic Fiber which is the product of the Nanofiber created from proprietary manufacturing technology. “We have overcome the main obstacles of conventional technology relating to ‘mass productivity’, ‘lower cost’ and ‘safety’”.

Apart from possessing the same characteristics of Nanofiber created by conventional methods, Magic Fiber also inherits the unique features of our proprietary Nanofiber, namely, “Microfiber/Nano size effect” and “Ultra-specific surface area effect”, he explained.

Its greatest strength lies in “mass productivity” where it can be commercialized easily. With mass production made possible, high-performance Nanofiber products can be manufactured in a stable and consistent way, as well as achieving lower cost.

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