Galamsey mentality “stupid” – Okudzeto

General News of Monday, 2 October 2017



Sam Okudzeto 2Sam Okudzeto

Council of State member Sam Okudzeto has described as “stupid”, the mentality of illegal miners who defy government’s ban on their activities with the justification that they are only unearthing the natural resources God has endowed the country with.

The menace of galamsey has left many farmlands destroyed, leaving in its wake the incessant pollution of water bodies and also posing a threat to human and aquatic life.

Though the Nana Akufo-Addo-led government has vowed to stump out the act by imposing a ban on activities of these galamseyers, some have defied the order and continue with the act.

But Mr Okudzeto believes the fact that the nation is endowed with numerous natural resources does not warrant exploitation to the detriment of the environment.

Speaking at an IEA organised event, Mr Okudzeto said: “Those who are advocating that galamsey be allowed to continue because God has given us so much gold, so why shouldn’t we be allowed to exploit it, excuse me to say, I think you are being stupid.

“This is because you misunderstand the whole concept. When you have a cocoa farm and you destroy the cocoa tree and you exploit the gold, you sell it, now the soil is spoilt, the cocoa tree which is there can produce for 30 years but you take the gold out once and that’s it. You completely misconstrue that. Because there is gold here it doesn’t mean you must exploit it, you must look at the environment and its effect on the environment.”

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