“Okro mouth” nurses at Asesewa Hosp. accused of divulging HIV/AIDS patients info

Some Nurses at Asesewa government hospital have been accused of breaching patients confidentiality and Patients Charter developed by Ghana Health Service, by divulging health status of their clients particularly persons living with HIV/AIDS.

According to some residents in Asesewa township, the behaviour of the Nurses is preventing many patients particularly those with Sexually Transmitted Diseases specifically HIV/AIDS, from attending Hospital in the area.

These concerns were raised during a town hall meeting held by the Ministry of Information in conjunction with the Upper Manya Krobo District in the Eastern Region on Thursday.

One of the concerned residents explained issues further to Kasapa News.

At times when we go to the hospital, the nurses leak information to others, people pinpoint that this person is having this type of STI, so now when people have STI they don’t want to go to the hospital, because of the way people will pinpoint at them in the community then they will hide the sickness to themselves and then infect other people with it, others will be hidden it, they will be staying in the house without going to the hospital until they die with the sickness. Nurses and health workers, they are the people  who interview people about their health conditions especially the young ones (Nurses) not the Doctors, they tell their relations in town that these persons have these STI, so the information go viral then when you are walking in town people pinpoint on you.”

The Concern residents want the Health Directorate to curb this attitude among some of the Nurses at the only Hospital in the District.

But speaking to Kasapa News, the Upper Manya District Director of Ghana Health Service, Esther Dual Oyinka ,said she will institute investigation into the claims since it unethical and affects confidentiality.

“I just heard it for the first time at this forum here so the first thing is to go back to the hospital meet the hospital team and disclose to them my findings at this forum so together we come out with how best we address this issue to enhance confidentiality with regards to HIV/AIDS service delivery. But I cannot be very sure that my Nurses are really disclosing HIV status of our clients in the district.”

By: Kasapafmonline.com/Kojo Ansah

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