High speed railway to hit Ghana soon

Business News of Sunday, 1 October 2017

Source: Ernest John Richardson


Ernest RichardsonDr Thomas Mensah is an inventor, scientist and infrastructures expert

One the fathers of global high-speed internet has decided to take his innovation into Ghana’s transport sector by bringing ultra-modern high-speed railway, which will link the entire country through its major cities.

Dr Thomas Mensah is an inventor, scientist and infrastructures expert who is carrying the flag of our dear nation high in the United States of America.

Ever wondered how we are able to surf the web, browse on social media, stream videos, send pictures and make video calls at any convenient place you can think of?

Well the answer is a black man born in Ghana to Ghanaian parents and had his early educations right here on a continent some well renowned people have skeptical views, perceptions and opinions on.

Dr Mensah and three other men are the inventors of fiber optics technology which is why the internet has become easy and fast. The Android or the modern Smartphone is more powerful than the computer that was used to design the Apollo Rocket That launched men into space For NASA, a feat many dreamed about but was brought to a reality which we are all living today thanks to the technological ingenuity of this great son of our land. He is also working on Nanotechnology and drones which further emphasizes the wealth of knowledge this man is endowed with.

His book “The right Stuff comes in black too” depicts the type of person he really is. He was inducted as one of three Black Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors out of 167 Fellows worldwide.

His love for his motherland is the main driving force behind Dr Mensah’s zeal and enthusiasm to “bring Ghana into the 21st century” and that he aims to achieve by bringing ultra-modern high speed railway which link Accra, Takoradi, Kumasi and tamale as well as bringing high speed internet to Ghana.

The thought of moving from Accra to tamale in less than two hours alone raises major expectations for such a God sent project which will also boost the countries income as well as create jobs and further catapult the dream of having one factory in each district as each town and district along the railway will benefit from the project.

From the look of things, work has already been done behind the scene to put the project in motion as Dr Mensah has met with one of the World Bank leaders and CFO Joaquim Levy in Los Angeles California .

In an Interview with Dr Mensah he stated that according to Mr Levy The World Bank will Provide Guarantees to African Countries for such large transformational Infrastructure Projects that create Jobs for the youth and Citizens of their countries. They have set aside $45 Billion for African projects alone .

On the international scene, this project means our local products will get to the harbours in time for export, as well as tourists, will be able to tour the length and breadth of this country with minimum fuss.

This project if indeed put in motion will really “bring Ghana into the 21st century”

From personal experience in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai to be specific, the railway is the most popular form of transport due to its efficiency and affordability and if Ghana should have such mode of transport will be head and shoulders above its neighboring countries in the sub-Sahara region.

Dr Thomas Mensah is indeed mirroring the title of his autobiography “THE RIGHT STUFF COMES IN BLACK TOO”.

Dr Mensah has recently met with His Excellency Nana Akufo Addo in New York

After the President’s great speech at the United Nations Congress, and was pleased with the reception of the President regarding the High-Speed Rail project and other innovative.

Proposals they discussed to move Ghana forward economically into the 21st Century.

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