Gays seek help from churches for more members

A group of homosexuals in Tarkwa Kwabedu Electoral Area in the Western Region, shocked residents after its members brazenly handed over letters to churches in the area asking for their help to raise more members.

The gay group, said to be made up of Junior High School (JHS) students between the ages of 14-17 with their leader being a 25 year old young man, wrote to the various churches including the SDA asking the Pastor to announce the formation of their association during their church service to ensure that more people join the group.

Assembly man for the area, Hon. Paa Kwesi Ephraim who disclosed that he was personally served a copy of the letter said, he was nearly assaulted by the homosexuals after he scolded one of their members.

“The group wrote to me personally asking for my help to give them publicity so they can increase their number. I read the letter which had a list of the members with their house addresses by each name. While looking through the list, I spoted one young orphan whom I regulary support who’s a member of the group. I invited him and advise him just as a father will do to a son, he thanked me and left. Unknowingly, he went and informed the other members and they stormed my house with cudgels to attack me claiming I was working against their interest. Luckly for me I’d gone for a church meeting and so my life was spared. They vandalized my house and left. They later went to my wife’s store and  vandalized it as well,” He told Kasapa News.

The incident has since been reported to the Police in the area who have picked up some of the gay members, while investigations continue into the issue.

Hon. Paa Kwesi Ephraim vowed to stop the practice which has gotten most of members of the gay group distracted from their studies.

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