Students queue to ease themelves as school lacks infrastructure

Students  of Klo – Agogo Senior High School are struggling to have a descent place to attend natures call.

The only five -Seater KVIP Toilet facility available in the School which is almost full, is also not adequate to contain the exponential population of students as a result of the Free Senior High School.

Both male and female Students have to queue in turns before they get access to defecate on the stenchy toilet facility. Students who cannot suppress their natures call to wait for their turn, as a result of stomach upset defecate in the bush.

Teachers and other staff also share same toilet facility with the students.

This toilet which we have named as “downtown” is almost full, two -seater each for boys and girls while the teachers use the other one. We queue everyday to have access, the toilet is not good at all, it even gives we the female infections. There is no light here too but it is close to the bush so sometimes in the night when you come around you see snakes and scorpions around, which out of fear you cannot go to the toilet again,” a student said.

Infrastructural Crises Klo-Agogo SHS has been hit with severe infrastructure crises compelling school authorities to convert the limited Classrooms into Dormitories while uncompleted buildings including a small assembly hall have  been turned into classrooms.

The  situation is becoming worse and getting out of hand as the 660 Free Senior High School beneficiaries posted to the school report in thick a and fast. Currently only half of the students have reported.

The School has been directed to however admit 61% out of the 660 students as boarders. Kasapa News Eastern Regional Correspondents, Kojo Ansah who visited the School reports that, both Female and Male students are using a 6 – unit classroom block as dormitories which have been congested forcing some students to sleep on the floor in a systematical arrangement similar to that of prisons in Ghana.

There is inadequate beds in the dormitories as well. Congested Classrooms & 4 students hare a desk. The few classrooms left are congested as classes have been combined leaving  narrow space for a teachers to stand to teach.

Meanwhile the School lack desks forcing at least four students to share a desk. A 12 unit storey classroom block abandoned by a Contractor some years ago is being partitioned to be used as Classrooms starting Monday.

Kitchen Under Trees

The Klo -Agogo SHS has no Pantry Kitchen hence meals are prepared for students under a tree just at the entrance of the School as wind diffuses smoke from wood fuel to class.
No Dinning Hall

Klo -Agoo Senior High School has no dinning Hall hence a canteen built by the 2007 -2011 year group of Students Representative Council (SRC) ,has been turned into dining facility. Due to the limited space and inadequate tables and Chairs, students eat in batches .

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