Ghana lost US$50m to cybercrime in 2016

Business News of Wednesday, 20 September 2017



Del Aden2play videoDel Aden, Managing Director for Delta3 International

Ghana in 2016 lost about US$50 million to cybercrime, a report by Serianu Limited has revealed.

Mr. Del Aden, a Managing Consultant for Delta3 International believes it could double for this year if care is not taken.

According to him, ransomware is now out of control which makes it easier for cybercriminals to attack.

It is reported that a good number of private and public companies in the country are not security conscious, thereby, making them susceptible to cyber-attacks.

He therefore advised organizations to train workers in cyber security so it could reduce and prevent any possible attack.

Over US2bn was lost to cyber attack in Africa last year with Nigeria being on the top list with US$550m followed by Kenya and Tanzania with US$175m and US$85m respectively. Ghana and Uganda recorded US$50m and US$35m respectively.

Delta3 International, a Ghana-based Information Security Advisory Company with head office in UK organized their 2nd Cyber Security Awareness Workshop in Accra at the African Regent Hotel on Wednesday, September 20 to discuss issues related to cyber crimes and cyber security breach.

The main objective of the workshop was to enable participants learn how to safely protect themselves and their organizations from security risks and possible cyber attacks by identifying many of the common risks associated with using computers, mobile devices and the internet.

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