Economic activities in East Mamprusi District bounce back

Business News of Wednesday, 6 September 2017



Traders busily selling their wares

Economic activities within the East Mamprusi District of the Northern Region, have bounced back following the reconstruction of collapsed bridges in the district.

The Nalerigu- Gambaga and the Tambe bridges that link the district to nearby markets and traders from across the country and beyond, have all been rehabilitated after they broke down more than a month ago.

The situation affected socio-economic activities in the area, especially in the transportation of farm produce and tourism to popular sites like the Nakpanduri waterfalls.

Although the bridges have been reconstructed and business has resumed, residents, traders and motorists have complained about the poor state of roads in the area, which they say increases their cost of doing business.

Amadu Seidu, a commercial driver, who spoke to the B&FT said the bad road network is one of the reasons most drivers have stopped plying the routes.

He said the journey from Nalerigu to Bunkprugu that is supposed to take less than an hour takes close to two hour, adding: “We usually have to move slowly to avoid damaging our vehicles.”

“We always have to take the vehicles for maintenance anytime we use the road and it also consume lots of fuels because we had to exert pressure before climbing the hills,” he added.

He further lamented that during the raining season, the road becomes practically unpliable as the vehicles usually get stuck in the mud roads.

Amanda Amadu, a trader also complained that the poor road network has also compelled most drivers to increase their fares, thereby increasing the cost of business, as well as prices of goods and services in the area.

He said during the dry season the dust from the untarred roads also affect food stuffs and their health as well.

Mr. Amadu, therefore, appealed to local authorities and government to build the roads in oder to enhance economic activities within the area.

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