Local film industry must be protected – Okereke

Nigerian actress, Stephanie Okereke Linus, has called for laws to be instituted to protect the African film industry from western telenovelas.

According to her, the absence of such protective legislations will lead to the demise of the industry in especially Ghana and Nigeria.

“Yes, telenovelas are in Nigeria too but I think it is more about the authorities figuring a way to protect this precious industry that people have put their sweat and blood in creating. So if they understand the value that we bring, they should be able to find laws to protect it and find how we can have synergy,” the multi award winning actress who is also film director and model told Accra based Class FM.

“Local content is paramount and so we also as filmmakers need to demand and steer people in authority in the right direction to make sure our work is protected and that we have the patronage that we need, especially locally,” she added.

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