Atik’s office was locked because he was secretly accessing it – PNC

Politics of Wednesday, 9 August 2017



Atik Mohammed was accused of violating the party’s constitution and subsequently suspended

The headquarters of the People’s National Convention was thrown into confusion, when the party’s 2016 Presidential candidate, Dr. Edward Mahama led a group of party executives and Police officers to lock up the office of the suspended PNC General Secretary, Atik Mohammed.

Atik attempted resisting the move but failed in the end.

The party said the move was necessary because Atik was being adamant in his suspension and still holding himself out as the PNC’s General Secretary.

The National Vice chairman of the PNC, Henry Asante who was part of the action that happened at the party’s headquarters said the move was necessary because they were informed that the embattled General Secretary had been clandestinely accessing his office against the party’s directives.

He said the party has been waiting for Atik to hand over to the party every possession, as stated in the suspension letter but he never heeded to that directive.

“In the letter that stated that he’s been suspended indefinitely, he was supposed to hand over all possessions to the party in a week’s time by 28th of last month. We waited and waited, he never abided. So the party had no option than to go to inform the Police.The Police asked us to serve him and we served him. So four days after the expiration of the notification, the party went in and then changed the locks to his office, because before then we had heard he was coming clandestinely to the party’s office to perform whatever duties. As I’m talking to you now, the party is locked and I have in my possession one of the keys. I was part and parcel of those that did the locking based on the leader’s instructions. The Acting General Secretary was there, the Treasurer was there and yesterday we gave our statement to the Police,” Mr. Asante said.

Meanwhile, the People’s National Convention[PNC] suspension handed to the embattled General Secretary, Atik Mohammed has been challenged as ultra vires by Lawyer for the latter.

“The purported actions were/are absolutely not in compliance with the PNC constitution and due process, “Mr Samson Lardy Anyenini of [email protected] in a letter to the PNC on behalf of his client said.

The party is therefore accused of overstepping its boundaries in its decision to suspend his client.

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