Integrity of anti-galamsey task force in danger – Colonel Agyapong

General News of Monday, 7 August 2017



Government has dispatched a military of 400 soldiers and police officers to clamp down on galamsey

Commander of the anti-galamsey task force, Colonel William Agyapong says the integrity of the task force is under serious attack from persons who vouch to resist their operations.

The government of Ghana one week ago dispatched a military of 400 soldiers and police officers to clamp down on illegal mining in the Eastern, Western and the Ashanti region.

Speaking on Joy Fm Monday morning, colonel Agyapong noted with great concern the increasing rate of persons to bear force witnesses against the task force.

According to him, the task force have been operating per the mandate giving them and do not intend going contrary.

“We will not relent on our oars in carrying out the president’s mandate. We will stick to the rules of the engagement. We believe in the rule of law. Anybody who is a suspect will not be guilty until proven so by the rule of law. I want to urge the people to be calm and allow us do our job

I will plead with them to allow us to protect our environment and reserve them for the future. It is Ghana first! Ghana first! Ghana first.” He said.

Worried colonel Agyapong therefore implored persons deliberately maligning the integrity of the task force to desist from doing so.

“I want to preempt the people that we know what they seek to do so they better stop. It is not gonna work. All our activities are being collage. We have evidence, we have pictorial evidence, and we have video evidence of all our operations being carried out. And most especially we have spoken to the troops and they are aware. Prior to our coming to Ashanti Region, there was a threat against us where a group said they would deal with us and resist our activity. Some people deliberately want to bear false witness against the task force. This is a country of rule of law and we will not sit aloof but do our part to ensure a full effect of the president’s mandate” he told the host.

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