I will not forgive you next time – Ace Ankomah to Larry Dogbe

General News of Sunday, 6 August 2017

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


Ace Ankomah, leading member of Occupy Ghana

Lawyer Ace Ankomah in a Facebook post on August 4 said he has forgiven Larry Dogbe who is the editor of the Herald newspaper this time around but will not forgive him the next time he publishes lies about him.

According to the lawyer, although Larry Dogbe doesn’t deserve his forgiveness because he is an unrepentant liar, he feels the need to totally and completely forgive him.

“This is the second story of wicked lies you have published about me. There will not be a third. But I forgive you. Totally. Completely. Absolutely. You don’t deserve it, but I still do”, he stated.

His statement stems from the allegations made by the editor of the Herald newspaper accusing him of being involved in the drafting of the Special Prosecutor’s Bill and also receiving a huge sum of money from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for drafting the bill.

Read below Ace Ankomah’s message to Larry Dogbe

Larry Dogbey

Have a seat because this is gonna be long and we don’t want you falling on your unsteady, infirm and rubbery legs, do we? Good. Sit well.

You have had 7 days to prove any of the two lies you told, namely that I

1. drafted the OSP Bill, and

2. was paid for it.

You haven’t. Instead, you have dropped the names of three gentlemen, namely Dr. Dominic Akuritinga Ayine Koku Anyidoho and my former student Victor Adawudu as the possible sources of or witnesses to your despicable lies.

None of them has stood up to back you up. But I leave them to deal with you if they can and/or so desire.

But don’t you think that the minuscule, itsy-bitsy, eensy-weensy next to non-existent readers of your decrepit ragsheet that is found and read in situ when on display only at a couple of dusty corners in Accra, and thrives on unsuspecting newspaper reviews, are entitled to know? Each day that passes without proof from you is another day that cements you as an unrepentant liar, just like both the demoniacal son of perdition and the father of lies whose every word is and remains a lie.

This is the second story of wicked lies you have published about me. There will not be a third.

But I forgive you. Totally. Completely. Absolutely. You don’t deserve it, but I still do.

This morning, I even prayed for you and want to share that prayer with you:

The angry lawyer also said a word of prayer for him so he can repent from all his sins.

“Dear God:

I pray for just one thing for Larry Dogbey: that You give him his own Larry Dogbey who will try to do to him everything that Larry Dogbey has tried to do to me, but failed.

May this other Larry Dogbey obtain his number from other places and call and ask to be his friend, expressing fake admiration of him and his stance on Ghanaian matters.

May this other Larry Dogbey, for the next several months, chat with him on several occasions, complaining among other things of how his own party has neglected him but is giving his media friends from the same stable more adverts that they give to his paper.

May this Larry Dogbey feign interest in Larry Dogbey’s family and ask questions about how to make it in life and to become successful.

May, when this Larry Dogbey also realizes that he would go nowhere with the fake friendship, and that definitely there would be no pecuniary advantage, be unable to stay under his masquerade, and then show his hand by writing a first wicked story that will seek to take food from off his table, clothes from off his back, roof from over his head, and money from his pocket.

Dear God, my Larry Dogbey failed, but may this Larry Dogbey succeed. But may my Larry Dogbey say to his Larry Dogbey, what I said to mine “I have always known and learned not to keep a snake ???? like you in my bosom.”

And afterwards this may this other Larry Dogbey, go wandering in Waterless places, come back and find Larry Dogbey as he has always been, and then bring back 7 other Larry Dogbeys, even more wicked than he, to start that process all over again.

Dear God, Your word teaches me to forgive and so I have forgiven, THIS ONE TIME, praying that Larry Dogbey will receive, all that he tried but failed to do to me.

If this guy, should ever try this again, may Your word give me strength to teach him some lessons in basic decency in court, and when I am through with him, may the court bailiffs enforce the judgment in some of the most painful ways ever done so that at the end, he will have neither food on his table nor clothes on his back, and have neither a roof over his head nor money in his pocket.

Out of forgiveness, I pray that every evil he wished on me will return to him in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

I end with Your word that ‘the righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves.’


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