Hot video: ‘Rashida Black Beauty is a witch’

The Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has launched a scathing attack on Rashidatu Mohammed who caused a stir on social media after her nude was leaked.

According to him, the 2016 Jigwe Award winner whose controversial video popularized the term ‘malafaka’ is mentally derailed and needs physiological treatment urgently.

Rashida Black Beauty as she is popularly known was seen displaying her private parts in the 2 minute explicit clip which has gone viral.

Reaction on social media has mostly been that of disappointment with many condemning the teenager who was once hailed for taking a jab at her ex-boyfriend.

Rashidatu Mohammed has since apologized, suggesting the video was not meant for the public.

But Prophet Kumchacha in an interview on Kofi TV is convinced the young lady needs help.

He explained that, if Rashida is not a witch to lure men into her camp, then she is mentally sick.

“Even married women are often shy while naked with their husband so it’s only a witch like Rashida Black Beauty who can leaked her naked video to the entire world”

Citing Luke 17:1 to buttress his point, Prophet Kumchacha cautioned men to be wary of Rashida Black Beauty because she an agent of the devil.

Watch full video below

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