Ghanaian man gets buried in weird ‘beer-shaped’ coffin in Ashanti Region

Deceased being carried away in a

A Ghanaian journalist, Saddick Adams, posted pictures from a funeral where the deceased was being carried away in a casket of a rather odd shape.

From the journalist, better known as Sports Obama’s post, the dead was to be interred in a “Star Beer” bottle-shaped casket.

Commenting on the Saturday morning burial, the journalist added, “At a funeral today in our own GHANA, the deceased was buried in a Casket that was moulded like a STAR BEER bottle.”

However, the act of burying the dead in specially shaped coffins is not a new tradition in Ghana.

In some localities in Ghana, the coffins are often shaped to fit the occupation of the deceased.

For instance a fisherman may be buried in a coffin shaped like a fish below.

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