Carelessness of public officers reason for corruption tag – Inusah Fuseini

General News of Sunday, 6 August 2017



Inusah Fusieni

The reckless lifestyles on the part of some public officers may form bases for which corruption allegations are leveled against them, former Minister of Roads and Highways in the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration, Hon. Inusah Fusieni claims.

“We shift responsibility in public offices and you will wonder why public officers conduct themselves this way”, the Tamale Central lawmaker wondered.

“Sometimes they do not go to spend the money but they are just negligent and reckless in keeping records. …retard resources allocated to them”, he pointed out.

”I have been in public office before”.

According to Member of Parliament (MP), such officers are surcharged for causing financial loss to the state because the person will not be able to give proper accounts of monies spent because the person was not directly involved.

“We find all these and at the end of the year when audit is done and they bring you queries to explain why XYZ has been recorded they find wanting”, Hon. Innusah Fusieni stated.

“They will then swear heaven and earth the money [in question] was used. But if it used it was not accounted for and somebody must be held responsible”.

Speaking on weekly news analysis program, Newsfile on Joy FM, the former Minister and a lawmaker, said, steps taken by the Auditor Genera Department to retrieve all stolen monies from corrupt individuals and companies are in a right direction.

“I believe that what the Auditor General is doing is good for the country looking at it from all levels. …it ties neatly with the Public Financial Act so clearly it is a good step”, he stated.

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