Seed sown by our founding fathers on August 4, 1947 not dead – Speaker

General News of Saturday, 5 August 2017



Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye, Speaker of Parliament

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Mike Oquaye has justified why August 4 has been celebrated as Ghana’s day of destiny.

At a public lecture held in commemoration of August 4, 1947, he said, the generation today, must follow the trajectories, the principles; keep on watering what is good and keep on uprooting and throwing out which is not good and develop this nation.

According to the Speaker, a seed was sown and sown by men of excellence, valour and the seed sown, has grown into a mighty oak tree and under the most turbulent trajectories of politics, it continues to move around like the mighty eagle which our founding fathers chose for Ghana in 1947.

The name Ghana he said was researched and produced by J.B Danquah.

According to him, the founding fathers knew the Independent state would require a flag, they (Founders) chose red, yellow and green but when Nkrumah had his way, and became president in 1964, he changed the flag, of red, yellow and green to red, white and green; all of Ghana’s embassies had the flags changed to the red, white and green until after 1966, we went back to the ideas of the founding fathers.

Prof. Oquaye said, the founding fathers chose the eagle as our emblem and J.B Danquah justified and explained inextenso …the eagle for Ghanaians…these had been established and written in the various papers and no one person could have changed it at that stage, he said.

He added, a constitution was also written; that was the opposite of the constitution that ruled Ghana until 1966. And that of 1969 was a sankofa of the constitution the founding fathers agreed upon that day, 70 years ago, he said.

‘’Edward Akufo-Addo wet under his bed and took out that old constitution, dusted it and that formed the essence of the 1969 constitution, the 1979 one and later gave birth to the 1992 constitution,’’ Prof. Oquaye stated in his lecture. The Speaker stated that our progenitors should definitely be smiling with pleasure looking down on us- as an undivided party today who are promoting the idles of August 4, 1947.

‘’We have been through a turmoil but we still move on. We were imprisoned but we were not perturbed. We were fractured yet our fighting spirit continues to live on. Some were killed but the spirit of good men live beyond their bones at a time when our opponents thought that we were out…President JA Kufour became president and gave us good governance and unprecedented socio-economic development; at a time when the manipulators of election thought they had found a political strategy to shriveled us, Akufo Addo came out with unprecedented political victory,’’ he said.

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