Invincible Forces threats down to poor communication – NPP man

General News of Saturday, 5 August 2017



NPP man attributes threat by Invicible forces to poor communication

The threats issued by some members of the Invincible Forces, a private security arm of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to visit mayhem on the government, can be attributed to the lack of proper communication between appointees of government and the grassroots of the NPP, Omare Wadie, a leading member of the NPP has said.

According to him, if the government will be able to deal with some of these issues, then appointees must make it a priority to open the lines of communication with the support base of the party, including members of all the private security arms within the party.

The pro-government vigilante group has been in the news for all the bad reasons since the party won the 2016 elections. The group has been involved in the seizure of state offices and facilities, prevented legally appointed officers from working, and recently threatened mayhem against the Akufo-Addo government and its appointees if they are not immediately employed.

Reacting to this news on State of Affairs on Friday August 4, Mr Wadie said: “I like the position the guys (Invincible Forces) made that they call people in government and they don’t pick up, I will ask our people, those who have been given positions to at least respond to their calls.

“If they are busy, at least they can call back and let the people know what you are doing for them, the problem has been communication, how to communicate from up there down to the people.”

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