Police descends on private securities

Regional News of Friday, 4 August 2017

Source: dailyguideafrica.com


11 Private Security Companies were using uniforms that look similar to that of the Police Service

A special operation organized by the Private Security Directorate of the Ghana Police Service has led to the arrest of owners of 11 Private Security Companies whose personnel were using uniforms that look similar to that of the Police Service.

A total of 23 suspects belonging to the 11 private companies were arrested in the operation conducted within Cantonments, Labadi, Osu and East Legon on July 16 to 18, 2017.

The Director General in charge of Private Security Operations Directorate of the Ghana Police Service, DCOP Paul M. Awini in a media brief on the activities of the private security organizations in the country, said it was a breach of the law for any security company or organization to use uniforms and other accoutrements similar to that of the Ghana Police Service, Prisons Service, Fire Service and Ghana Armed Forces.

“A well registered private security organization is well aware of this law but some have ignored these laws and had provided their men with uniforms and other accoutrements that look like that of the Ghana Police and the Armed Forces.”

He said there is the likelihood for criminals to take advantage of the situation and use the uniforms and other accoutrements to engage in various criminal activities if these organizations are not checked and brought to book.

The law

DCOP Awini said the law provides the Inspector General of Police (IGP) the power to approve the uniform, cap, badge, accoutrements as well as other identification marks for use by licensed private security organizations.

“The Inspector General of Police shall not approve any article for use by any private security organization if it has a resemblance or is a similar article used by the Ghana Police Service, Prisons Service and Armed Forces.”

“It is sad to note that even though the private security organizations were not allowed to use fire arms; others were using them in the course of their duties,” he revealed.

“Some district assemblies whose private security was using uniforms similar to that of the police service have been charged to withdraw the uniforms or be prosecuted.”

He said the police and the Ministry of the Interior joint taskforce will sustain the monitoring and enforcement operation to ensure that all private security operators comply with the law.

DCOP Awini disclosed that some of the arrested organizations have not properly registered with the Ministry of Interior so legal action would be taken against them while the registered ones would have their licenses withdrawn.

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