Introducting Dancehall act Danny Fidel

With so much fire in the Reggae Dancehall industry, one upcoming act who has showed he has a lot to offer, seems to be catching attention of most Reggae Dancehall fans and Ghanaians as a whole.

Dancehall acts happen to have a particular look and are tagged with a negative attitude, but Danny Fidel has cut across as a difference among the rest.

As one of the fastest growing upcoming Dancehall artist, he is noted for his unique sense of fashion and he is selling his outlook pretty well.

The humble, creative and uniquely talented artist is also noted to write his songs based on real-life situations and carry words of motivation, inspiration and fun. His appearance is catchy and his songs are a must-hear.

His looks are a combination of the old, new, classy and casual match up. If you want a creative, talented, cute and ghetto-like artist as your perfect Dancehall act, Danny Fidel is all you can think of.

A born talented artist Danny Fidel is ever ready to over take the reggae dancehall fraternity market in Ghana and beyond. He’s based in Banana Inn and Popularly know in Zub City.

“To me, music started after Senior high school level and since then the inspirations from God keeps on motivating me to do more and to come out as an element of surprise in the market.

#Woowo is the signature of most tunes that comes from me …”

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