People get threatened when I’m around ‘BIG’ men they admire – Mzbel

Ghanaian singer MzBel, born Nana Akua Amoah, has said one of the most absurd comments made against her is the claim that she is a lesbian.

The songstress said she was astounded how Ghanaians labelled her a homosexual yet they also claimed she is also into many men.

“There were so many ridiculous things said about me but one of them will be when I read that I was a lesbian. I thought it was ridiculous because these same people claimed that I’m into so many men so how is it possible that all of a sudden you are saying I’m a lesbian,” Mzbel said on Tonight Show.

According to her, many individuals get threatened when they spot her with a high profile men they admire.

“Any man I befriend, people think something weird is going on between the man and I… even if I’m friend with the Pope they will think something is going on between us but I’m a different person altogether,” Mzbel added.

Mzbel expressed worry over how such comments easily mar her good relationships with such respectable men who endeavour to support her projects and her music career.

“Some of these negative comments about my closeness with highly respected men in the society blocks so many good opportunities when they intend to help or support my projects.”

Sharing her opinion about how Ghanaians generally dislike discussing sex openly, Mzbel said, “We’re hypocrites but behind the scenes that is what we talk about.”

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